Grant Walker Services


Grant Walker, that’s me, and If you want to see my resume, just go to the Linkedin link on the right of the page or click on the menu item “Resume.” But if you want to know about me, read on.

I started writing for the school paper in high school. I kept writing freelance through college and continued after graduation while I was making a lucrative living doing what all young writers do: wait tables in a restaurant. Actually, it was great, I learned a lot about people.

I went to graduate school for an MFA in playwriting at Southern Illinois University. It was a great experience, and after I graduated I wrote several plays for college theaters, high schools and community theaters. I even managed to get a film script to the decision table at Tri-Star pictures, but they passed on it. I’m still writing those scripts, though, and still hoping for that break.

In the meantime, I had to actually make a living. I taught theater in Illinois prisons for a while until the DEA caught one of the teachers in my program for selling drugs to compulsory residents. The Department of Corrections cancelled the program. Next, I taught high school for ten years. It was wonderful. During that time I wrote freelance and did photography for local papers.

I became fascinated with computers, getting my first Internet connection in 1991, before the browser. Remember Gopher? I started dabbling in programming and servers and then discovered HTML, Javascript, MySQL and PHP. I built a freelance business designing and creating Web sites.

In 1998, I took a job as the corporate newsletter editor for a health system in Illinois. What wonderful work; just write about people who work there and take pictures. It was a blast. Then my employer moved me into media relations and press release writing. I enjoyed that as well and stuck with it.

I continued with my sideline work, developing my skills in Web site scripting and graphics. I even did some layout work for a while, and of course I still enjoy writing plays, journals, and fiction.

Today I am in Oregon, still writing freelance,  providing media training and public relations consultations. and working as the public relations person for a health system. I love public relations and especially like working with the media, but most of all, I love how exquisite life is.

If you are looking for an award-winning writer or public relations person, contact me.